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Digital Certificates

Saphety provides digital certificates in partnership with DigitalSign, being available three types of certificates. DigitalSign is a Portuguese company of electronic security, highlighting the activity of Portuguese Certification Authority to issue Qualified Certificates, duly accredited by Autoridade Nacional de Segurança. For server certificates and electronic security, its main partner is VeriSign/Symantec, the international leader of electronic security, which allows it to offer in Portugal the "state of the art" of a wide range of products and services already successfully provided to numerous multinational companies.

Qualified Digital Certificates

The Qualified Digital Certificates are the only legal option, whenever there is a need to sign electronic documents with evidentiary value, allowing to authenticate the quality of signing a document, whether as a member of an organization, such as President, Manager, Director, etc.., representative of the organization, or as a professional, lawyer, doctor, economist etc.

Advanced Digital Certificates

Advanced Certificates are certificates used for signature, intended for individuals or organizations, representing, to their keepers, an electronic passport to the Internet. These digital certificates offer a high level of confidence, being used for digital signatures of documents and e-mail, encryption and access control, ensuring unequivocally the identity of the person or entity, thus providing total security and confidentiality of such electronic messages.

Server Digital Certificates

In a context of secure e-commerce, is essential to ensure total confidence in the authenticity of the websites, besides the assurance of privacy and confidentiality of information sent via the Internet. To ensure the highest standard of credibility, VeriSign certificates each Organization, allowing to the customer to check the authenticity of his website and make a secure communication, using the latest encryption technology, such as SSL and WTLS. Its function is to protect confidential information such as credit card numbers, personal data, online forms and financial data, from hackers and other unauthorized users.
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