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Contratação Pública e Faturação Eletrónica: o casamento perfeito

PDF - 1.4MB - 2015.12.30

A centralização da informação relacionada com a contratação pública não só confere uma maior transparência e celeridade a todo o processo como permite reduzir custos.


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A importância da desmaterialização processual  no setor da saúde 

PDF - 2MB - 2015.12.29

A saúde é um dos setores que pode beneficiar da desmaterialização das faturas e restantes documentos financeiros e comerciais, transacionados entre os diversos players do mercado.



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How to launch a successful campaign using digital coupons

PDF - 0.4MB - 2015.12.16

One of the goals of Marketing is to communicate and reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. Coupons are a good example that can be contextualized as a tool to influence customer behavior to lead purchases.

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Como reduzir custos no setor do Turismo, Hospitalidade e Lazer

PDF - 3MB - 2015.10.20

O setor do Turismo, Hospitalidade e Lazer é caracterizado por elevados custos, logo uma gestão efetiva da rentabilidade dos negócios assume um papel fundamental.

Com este paper pretendemos demonstrar que a mudança do processo tradicional de faturação em papel para um processo eletrónico vai traduzir-se na redução drástica dos custos administrativos, na redução de erros e problemas, no aumento da produtividade dos recursos e na simplificação, fiabilidade e controlo dos seus processos.


2015 Billentis report

E-Invoicing and E-Billing: Entering a new era

PDF - 3MB - 2015.06.05

The public and private sector are currently in the progress of catapulting E-Invoicing to the next level.

A new era is ahead of us and the environment might change dramatically in coming years.

There is a tremendous impact of new government initiatives for E-Invoicing and directly related topics. The autor estimates that 100,000+ public administrations / agencies in Europe will be affected by new directives. Agencies have to enable their systems and processes with the aim to receive and process invoices electronically by 2018 at the latest

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7 Reasons Why Digital Asset Management Matters


Managing rich media content can be a challenging and strenuous task, considering the vast amount of exchanged information, fast pace of changes occurring every day and the real need to have accurate data. In this paper we will justify why embracing digital asset management systems can certainly help to optimize companies’ brands and products perceived value throughout the value chain and improve the relationship with their stakeholders.

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Data exchange in the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is one of the most competitive economic sectors in the global market, which makes it one of the most technologically developed industries. In the past decade it has evolved dramatically due to globalization. The supply chain has become more complex and difficult to manage, transforming business relations into a demanding and cutting edge process where Just-in-Time orders are becoming the norm.


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How to minimize cost and provide a better customer relationship through E-billing

PDF - 4MB - 2014.10.14

Transitioning from paper into an electronic format with fully automatized processes is fundamental for establishing solid foundations for a well-managed company and improved customer relationships. In this paper we present key aspects that organizations should consider to adopt and implement an E-Billing solution.

How to Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency with Electronic Invoicing

PDF - 2.5MB - 2014.05.22

The percentage of electronic invoices has grown yearly in the B2B market, including the public sector. In 2008 this percentage was 6% and in 2013 the expected figure is 20%. Portugal is one of the countries with an intermediate level of market penetration, it being estimated that between 15% and 40% of invoices are now virtual.

E-Invoicing - The catalyst for AR/AP automation

PDF - 2.5MB - 2013.10.21

Billentis Report Sponsored by Saphety.
If electronic invoices replaced a major proportion of paper invoices, the saving potential in Europe’s public sector could be at least 40 billion Euro (for inbound and outbound invoices). Today, less than 10% of it is exploited, according to the report.

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