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Facturación Electrónica

Facturación Electrónica

Saphety’s solution allows companies to emit electronic invoices in compliance with the 2242 decree of 24th November 2015, reducing costs and adding value.

Management software integrationManagement software integration

Saphety’s Exchange platform enables organizations to create financial documents and exchange them with their business partners and suppliers. 

Saphety can also provide to companies a way to integrate these documents so they are automatically sent from the platform to the management software (ERP).


Integration with ERP and EDI
Electronic invoicing in accordance with the DIAN

Network document sharingElectronic invoicing in accordance with the DIAN

The graphic representation of the electronic invoicing is the digital form in which documents that validate commercial transactions are represented, regulated by the DIAN through decree 2242 of November 24, 2015. The Saphety solution ensures compliance with these requirements, resulting in cost saving when compared to the current paper invoicing process.

Customizable billing documentsOnline operation

The processes for receiving and sending documents have the option to be carried out directly on the portal using specific forms. The documents appear pre-filled in order to facilitate the entering data process, thus reducing typing errors.

The display and print formats for sending documents can be customized.

Online operation
Send the invoice to your clients’ devices

Document transactionsSend the invoice to your clients’ devices

Invoices are automatically available online. Buyers are notified and can comfortably access them through the web portal or using our mobile app. There, they can visualize them and carry out the acceptance or rejection process.