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What is SAF-T?


What is SAF-T?


The Standard Audit File for Tax purposes (SAF-T) is a standardized file (in XML format) with the objective of allowing an easy export, and at any time, of a predefined set of accounting and invoicing records, in a readable and common version, independent of the program used, without affecting the internal structure of the program’s database or its functionality.


Its genesis has a clear and objective intention: to define a standard language for reporting tax information in order to facilitate the inspection activity.


This file is an international standard defined by the OECD, although each country is allowed to make the necessary adaptations.


How many SAF-T files are there in Portugal?


In Portugal, the Tax Authority requires the following SAF-T files:

  • Integrated SAF-T (I) – includes all accounting and billing information.
  • SAF-T Accounting (C) – includes account code, accounting transactions, customers, vendors, tax code and receipts.
  • Billing SAF-T (F) – includes commercial documents to customers, clients, suppliers, products/services, tax code, movement of goods, conference of goods or provision of services and receipts.
  • Self-invoicing (S) – includes only commercial documents to customers, clients, products/services and tax code.

Source: Ordinance No. 302/2016.


When do SAF-T files have to be submitted?


Companies resident and non-resident in Portugal that primarily carry out an activity of a commercial, industrial or agricultural nature; organize their accounting using computerized means; and with organized accounting must make the SAF-T file related to accounting available to the Portuguese Tax Authority (AT) inspectors for inspection and from fiscal year 2023 onward, they must submit it annually through the AT Portal to automatically pre-populate Annexes A and I of the IES.


Sources: Ordinance No. 321-A/2007, 26 Mar, DL 87/2018, Oct 31, Ordinance nº 31/2019, 24 jan & Ordinance No. 331-D/2021, 31 Dec.


Companies residing in Portugal that had, in the previous calendar year, a turnover of more than €50,000, use invoicing software; and are required to have organized accounting or have chosen to do so, they must make the SAF-T file relating to invoicing available to the AT inspectors at the time of inspection and submit it by the 12th day of the month following the issuance of the invoice.


Sources: DL nº 198/2012, 24 Aug, DL n.º 119/2019 18 Sep, DL no. 28/2019 15 Feb.


What SAF-T files does Saphety solution audit and analyse?


Our solution digitally audits and analyzes all files, ensuring that files when submitted are approved or when requested by tax inspectors do not raise questions.


Learn more about Saphety’s solutions for Certified Billing and SAF-T Digital Audit for your company.




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