EDI & Electronic Invoicing

EDI & Electronic Invoicing

Saphety’s interchange solution allows companies to send and receive documents like purchase orders, forms and invoices to and from clients and suppliers, in a dematerialized way, complying with all legal and business requirements.

Document transactionsDocument transaction

Electronic document interchange allows to eliminate paper in processes like invoicing, improving their effectiveness, regardless of the way the client wants to be billed. This solution ensures company technological independence, enabling the definition of different modes for delivering documents to clients: EDI, email, signed PDF or within the platform.

Document Transaction
Collaborative business network

Network document sharingCollaborative business network

Saphety’s solution has a collaborative architecture, allowing companies to find business partners, select available document types and initiate electronic document interchange in an easier way..

Customizable billing documentsFull online experience

Saphety’s solution presents a full online interface, adapted to the several segments, allowing the creation of invoices from order or delivery information, legal online document archive and access to full audit features and alerts. All in a multi-language, multi-user and multi-currency environment.

Full online experience
Integration with management software

Management software integrationIntegration with management software

Our solution provides our clients with mechanisms to integrate the solution with their ERPs, in order to ensure full process automation for document sending and receiving among business partners, allowing the ERP to fully control the process, and enabling delivery confirmation and the reading of sent documents.