Private Procurement

Private Procurement

Saphety's procurement solution enables companies to manage the whole contracting phases in a effective process which boosts competitiveness, reduces costs and improves business.

Purchase ProcessSimplified Purchase Process

The Saphety private contracting solution provides organizations a quick and easy way to connect with their business partners, while promoting the adoption of good practices within the organization.

All processes can trigger approval mechanisms in line with your business requirements, in order to involve different approvers of different areas.

Simplified Purchase Process


The Saphety private contracting solution enables the quick and easy implementation of your contracting processes, providing you immediate results.

This solution allows carrying out all steps of the process electronically: characterization of the purchase process; sending invitations to suppliers; reception/opening and automatic comparison of proposals; clarification phase; negotiation of proposals; awarding and electronic signature of the contract.

NegotiationDynamic Negotiations

Our solution allows all organizations - buyers or suppliers - to automate the negotiation process by significantly reducing the purchasing cycle, from the identification of needs to the selection of your business partners.

By concentrating on a single platform the collection and sharing of information to all parties, the decision-making process is streamlined.

Dynamic Negotiations
Catalogue Management

BuyCatalogue Management

Our solution enables buyers and suppliers to make available their catalogues in an easy and quick manner, in line with the business specificity.

This functionality allows you to define within the organization who can place orders, and of what, at all stages of the negotiation and purchase process.