Public Procurement

The SaphetyGov procurement solution enables public entities to manage the whole contracting phases in a effective process which boosts competitiveness, reduces costs and improves business.

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Procedure creationProcedure creation

SaphetyGov procurement solution offers public entities a quick way to communicate with thousands of suppliers. Keep track of all proposals and select the one that fits your needs.

All the procedures are automically submitted to the Public Contracts Portal (Base Portal).

Procedure creation
Application and proposal analysis

data.pngApplication and proposal analysis

SaphetyGov Procurement solution offers intuitive methods for report submission and to carry out comparative analysis, making it easier to assess the procedure and taking a decision.

Adjudication and licensing through SaphetyGov's platform assures efficient communication and transparency in the procedure results.

Contract signatureContract signature

Our solution allows users to add a digital signature. This can speed up and confer mobility to the process. 

The signatures can be visible on the document, assuring its legality, information authenticity and the identity of the signatories.




Contract signature
Reports and exports

Reports and exportsReports and exports

The public entity can export reports to monitor and review the procedures. The export of information can be carried out directly from the procedure through the "flux" channel.

Legal Notice

SaphetyGov platform is structured pursuant to several types of procedures regarding public procurement creation, including all its stages and required formalities, as per the Public Procurement Code approved by Decree-Law 18/2008 of January 29th and Law 96/2015 of August 17th which regulates availability and use of public procurement electronic platforms.

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Pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 5 of Order 10563/2014 of August 6th, published in DRE, 2nd series, of August 14th, all certificates of chronological validation issued according with paragraph 1 of said order are accepted by the SaphetyGov platform.