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Support policy


1. Support Services


Access to Saphety customer support (“Saphety Support”) will be provided to Saphety Customers for the terms outlined within their contract or awarded commercial proposal based on the following criteria:

  • The Customer’s Supported products and/or Services have not been suspended or are not in debt.
  • The Saphety Supported products and/or Services are being used in accordance with the terms contained within the terms of the contracted services and the Customer is not in breach of those terms.

Saphety may elect not to provide access to Saphety Support for Customers that do not meet the above criteria. All Customers provided access to Saphety Support will receive Support during the normal operating hours outlined in the Support Hours Section of this policy, unless otherwise specified in their current contract or awarded commercial proposal.


1.1 Support Services Scope


Saphety Support shall provide support for the Saphety Supported products and Services. Support includes general product and technical assistance for all current and supported Saphety Supported product releases, running on the infrastructure and/or environment for which they are intended. Saphety Supported products and/or Services that have been altered or modified by anyone other than Saphety or its licensors may not be supported.

Saphety Support shall not include:

  • Manual corrections caused by misuse/non-compliance with requirements by users;
  • Replace customer operations with features available on products or not included in the service;
  • Data imports, exports, and/or data conversion where conversion includes data movements, data additions, or any data transformation;
  • Data entry, data set-up, and/or data maintenance;
  • Unscheduled On-Premises installations/deployments;
  • Project management, training, customizations, onsite support, or any services otherwise provided by Saphety Professional Services;
  • Computer hardware and networking problems;
  • Any systems or programs not supplied by Saphety;
  • Legal Support.

Note: In case of Saphety products and/or service are provided On-Premises, support is provided according to specific terms outlined within the contract or awarded commercial proposal.


2. Support Hours


Support is delivered according to the following business hours:

  • From Monday to Friday, 9 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm (GMT)Excluding weekends and Portuguese National Holidays


3. Supported Languages


During Business Support Hours, Support provided by Saphety Support is delivered in English, Spanish, Portuguese.


4. Case Submission


Customers may have access to Saphety support using one of the following communication channels:
E-mail / Phone / Saphety Website.


Customers can send an email to Saphety support address:

Portal SINfaturaeletronica@saphety.com
Sovos APRsovosAPRsupport@Saphety.com


Saphety’s Website: https://www.saphety.com/en/help


To speak with a support analyst, call our general support line using the following number:
+351 308 801 249 *
*The cost of the call depends on each customer tariff, applied by the phone service provider.
Accessing support via phone number is provided exclusively by contracting this service with additional costs under the terms of the contract and/or the commercial proposal.


5. Support Ticket (Case) Requirements


Cases may only be opened using one of the methods described above. When opening a case, Customers must provide the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer ID (“VAT” number)
  • Contact Telephone Number and E-mail
  • Affected product
  • Description of issue and error messages

In addition, the following information may also be requested in order to troubleshoot or resolve the case:
Steps taken to produce the issue;
Screen prints and other applicable data and information required to reproduce the issue.


6. Support Ticket (Case) Severity Levels


LowOperation orders. Management entities/users; Configuration entities/services; Changes.
NormalOperation orders. Service available, with anomaly or inoperability of some functionality with low impact or volume.
HighService available, with anomaly or inoperability of some key functionality with large-scale impact or volume. performance degradation.
UrgentService unavailable / Service available with anomaly with high impact on critical processes.


Note: Saphety is the entity responsible for accounting and measuring response times.


7. Platform indicators


Saphety Infrastructure has monitoring and alarmistic 24x7x365.
Saphety is committed to comply to the service levels listed below.


Indicators (annual average)Service Level
Infrastructure availability (uptime)99,5%
Application Availability (Excluding unplanned downtimes)99.5%
Information Confidentiality100%
Data Loss Prevention100%
Planned downtime notification5 business days


Saphety is not responsible for any central infrastructure unavailability outside of Saphety’s direct control.
Planned interventions will not be accounted for downtime.


8. Response Times


Saphety Support will ensure that submitted cases are assigned the proper level of Severity. “Response Time” is the time it takes before a support analyst makes initial contact with the individual who submitted the case. Resolution times will depend on the complexity and severity of each case.
Saphety Support is committed to comply to the timeframes listed below.


Response Times56 business hours40 business hours16 business hours8 business hours


9. Customer Responsibilities


The ability of Saphety Support to respond quickly and effectively to cases is dependent on the Customer fulfilling the responsibilities and requirements set forth in this policy.
Customer will use commercially reasonable efforts to:

  • Ensure all customer reporters have appropriate knowledge and skills involving applicable Saphety Supported Products.
  • Provide information relevant to the case within a reasonable period of time after submitting a case, or upon request by Saphety.
  • Act upon recommended solutions provided by Saphety within a reasonable period of time.


Note: Any changes on this policy will only prevail if properly defined in the terms of the contract or in the awarded commercial proposal.