2nd Day at GS1 Global Forum 2016

We are only going through the second and I’ve to admit that I am starting to feel exhausted (just starting….). But let’s get to what is important: the action of today. The opening plenary is always a good opportunity to have some insight of some major players that are invited to share the thoughts and vision about their challenges and how GS1 can help to overcome it. And this year Omni-channel was everywhere. Personally, I would like to highlight 3 moments: the opening speech of Tim Smuker (GS1 Chairman Emeritus), the presentation of Barron Witherspoon (Global VP for Industry Affairs, P&G) and Taha Husseini (CEO IT Senior Advisor, Carrefour).
Tim speech was a good wake-up call that without culture and values there is no point in thinking about strategy. Wise words from someone that knows a lot. Barron presentation I’ve to say it was brilliant. The Pandora box crossed with the Omni-channel challenges was indeed a great analogy. And finally, Taha for the pragmatic vision that in order to face these challenges we need to do better and different. Perhaps thinking out-of-the-box.

The market place is always unpredictable (well I would rather say that we predict that will be unpredictable). This year we had slight different format from the previous years. We were invited to join GS1 Colombia & Logyca stand. But this was more than sharing a stand. Was about giving a perspective that the relation between customers and providers should be always seen first as a partnership. They brought the coffee directly from Colombia and we provided the known Portuguese pastries “pasteis de nata”. As a result of this combination its seems that we were flooded by the more than 750 delegates that attend this year. I run out of business cards, pastries and in end I lost my voice. I believe our GS1 Colombia and Logyca also had a huge impact on their objectives.

Tomorrow, is a big day ahead. Starts early ends late. But the most important part is the morning break. Saphety will be everywhere.

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Nuno Fernandes

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