3rd Day at GS1 Global Forum 2016

Good news: It seems I recovered my voice. Bad news: The 4th and last day of GS1 Global Forum 2016 is tomorrow.

First half of the morning was focused on the patient safety subject. It is no secret of how GS1 standards can improve the life of all of us. The challenging part has been convincing some stakeholders. But if any of them have any doubts I invite you to see a presentation as Godelieve Nijs from UZ Leuven Hospital in Belgium has shared with us. But if you still have doubts about the economic advantages (I could had said instead cost savings but I prefer to give it a more positive perspective) then Jackie Pomroy, Head of Supply Chain from Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust can show all the efficiency that using GS1 standards in healthcare sector has brought. So please have no…doubts.

Then it was time for 20 minutes of only breathing Saphety. Yes, the morning break was sponsored by Saphety and was the perfect opportunity for letting us explaining what we are doing within the healthcare sector (among others) using GS1 Standards and master data synchronization solutions. But unfortunately I had to stop and force people to come back to the plenary session. Otherwise, I would be accountable for delaying the agenda for today.

Rushing between flash meetings I still had time to pop-in in the plenary second part being hosted by one of Saphety costumers Mario de Aguero – CEO of GS1 Mexico. The theme was a proof of how the consumer is influencing the core of B2B: the supply chain. So “Can consumers trust the end-to-end supply chain”?

• Tony Nowell (APEC Policy Partnership on Food Security Private Sector Co-Chair) give us taste of the effort being made to increase consumer trust in the trade between APEC countries and how GS1 Public Policy has been supporting it.

• Anita Scholte Op Reimer (Senior Director Quality Assurance and Product Sustainability, Ahold and GFSI Board Member) shared the retailer perspective and the responsibility of being the last actor of the value chain before the consumer.

• Jean-Marc Klopfenstein (Master Data Lead from Nestlé) show us how complex can be the product portfolio of a FMCG brand owner and the trust that the consumer has deposited in him.

You might not had realized but today Mars recalled chocolate bars in 55 countries after plastic has been found in product. So consumer trust in supply chain implies decisions has this one from Mars. It’s all about long term vision.

Afternoon was dedicated to regional forums so I will jump to the networking dinner which I also consider it as work (yea right….). However, I will write only a punch line about this: Everyone was beautiful, the food was really good and in case you did not notice you are not alone: I also do not know how to dance.

Tomorrow, choose wise the parallel sessions, don’t forget to save some time to talk to us and lets cry and laugh together during the inspirational speech of Cathy O’Dowd.

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Nuno Fernandes

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