4th Day at GS1 Global Forum 2016

And in the last day of the forum backups arrived. Saphety CEO – Rui Fontoura and CMO – Miguel Zegre arrived in the right timing to give their contribution about what has been discussed during the all week. A 10th round of meetings (or were the 11th ? honestly I stooped to count it) was rollout to discuss strategy with our customers and partners. Flash meetings continue to occur and the 4th day was so productive as the 1st one.

Since it was the last day of the forum was also time to start reaching the firsts conclusions. And last year healthcare was the buzz word, this year the main attention was for Omni-Channel and the consumer behavior. Although has been discussed since the release of the 1169 EU directive, is interesting to observe that perhaps this year really starts a new paradigm in GS1 mindset: the consumer demands. Is definitely linked with the effect that consumers are having in the supply chain, and instead of for example highlighting efficiency the focus might be in being agile and predicting what the consumer wants and when.

The world is now much more digital and a new generation of consumers is arriving. And retailers are very anxious to keep up the pass with it. As Bruno Aceto (CEO of GS1 Italy) mentioned during the event – it will be a digital screen world independently if it is through a mobile, tablet or something else that does not exist yet. So GS1 needs to be totally synchronized with this consumer culture and adapt their standards and activities as soon as possible. GS1 TrustMark is an emergent initiative and an example that GS1 is in the right track. Cameroon Green (Senior Director Mobile and B2C at GS1) and Joe Horwood (Digital Marketing Manager at GS1) have given us the opportunity of understand it better and the value added behind.

But of course, the world is not only made of the retailer sector. The GS1 contribution for the healthcare, transport, agriculture among others has never been so fundamental and recognized. And is hard work. The global forum was full of examples of it. The Fresh and food Safety workshop allow to understand the complexity and where is the bottle neck in traceability and consequently in safety.

The closing plenary followed the typical agenda (balance, results, next event and inspirational speech). However in Saphety case is critical to pay attention to GS1 decisions/priorities communicated by Miguel Lopera (President & CEO of GS1). These macro guidelines will define the direction of GS1 MO’s and GS1 MO’s are Saphety core business.

Great story shared by Cathy O’Dowd and if I ever thought in climbing the Everest, I believe I gave up even before I started ( although this was not a story about climbing, was much more than that).

So, it’s time to return back home and put our hands on the job for a challenging but definitely exciting year. See you all in Mexico for the GS1 General Assembly and you can count that Saphety will be everywhere.

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Nuno Fernandes

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International Business Development Manager - EMEA & APAC at Saphety (Linkedin)