Nuno Fernandes

Nuno Fernandes
International Business Development Manager - EMEA & APAC at Saphety (Linkedin)

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Trust: disruptive blockchain and the role of GS1 standards

Nowadays, we realize more and more that the blockchain phenomenon has crossed the border of threat to become an opportunity to change.


4th Day at GS1 Global Forum 2016

And in the last day of the forum backups arrived. Saphety CEO – Rui Fontoura and CMO – Miguel Zegre arrived in the right timing...


3rd Day at GS1 Global Forum 2016

Good news: It seems I recovered my voice. Bad news: The 4th and last day of GS1 Global Forum 2016 is tomorrow.


2nd Day at GS1 Global Forum 2016

We are only going through the second and I’ve to admit that I am starting to feel exhausted (just starting….). But let’s get to what is important...


Half way through GS1 Global Forum 2017

Half way the GS1 Global Forum 2017 and it is time to perform a balance.


Communications cost for the B2B sector: from price to commodity

I really think telecommunication service prices will no longer be considered a differentiating factor being rather a commodity.


1st Day at GS1 Global Forum 2016

First day has almost gone and is always a great feeling to realize that Saphety is real part of GS1 family.


Another GS1 standards breakthrough in the Halal supply chain

Retailing in the western world today is already a complex business, so it follows that when the specific requirements of communities such as Halal...


EU tackling counterfeit medicines/medical devices – The future was probably near if we listen to GS1

We all should ask ourselves why it has been so hard to reach an agreement between EU member states for drafting a common framework to tackling counterfeit...