Half way through GS1 Global Forum 2017

Half way the GS1 Global Forum 2017 and it is time to perform a balance.

Almost 800 people talking, thinking, breathing… about the future in retail, healthcare, transports, technology trends but all related with best practices and a common business language by using industry standards.

A really global standard approach.
Until now my perception about this year is that the “need of change” is actually being followed by the “willing to do it”.

Disruption in the way GS1 standards are being communicated and applied to the several industries is indeed on its way. omnichannel demands, big data, and patience safety are definitely among the main variables that triggered it. And of course my temptation is to think about the technology to support it but I will avoid it since the correct mindset are the emergent new value added services that are created due to it.

An example, just got out from a session about master data quality services. And, yes, we are at phase that thinking in master data services is no longer enough: we need to add to the equation the quality & a service to assure it. And by the way the interoperability, which cannot be forgotten, needs to be global (a small pause just to reward GS1 Sweden/Validoo which has been one of the pioneers and evangelist regarding this subject since the beginning).

The GS1 global forum is above of all a framework to connect the dots among different realities at a global level. This could be a good definition for networking but is more than that. Is actually an opportunity to discuss the future, compare realities, create synergies and assess what needs to change. Alibaba presentation mentioned some of this points by stating that ”things need to be simple”.

About the new global forum venue is definitely more suitable. More space that invite delegates to socialize and at the same time provides good conditions to work during the day. Also the Marketplace has definitely gain with this change.

Today is networking dinner and is always one of the milestones of the Global Forum. After 3 days of intense work 800 people need some few hours to prove that they can also dance (I apologize but unfortunately I am not one of them…).

Tomorrow another day for the marketplace, more brainstorming and of course looking forward for the inspirational speech by Marco Tempest.

See you all there.


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Nuno Fernandes

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