Comunicado COVID-19 / COVID-19 Statement / Comunicación COVID-19

Saphety informs all its customers and partners that, in the current context of uncertainty and difficult adaptation to the new social and economic reality driven by COVID-19 epidemic, it is fully operational, guaranteeing the availability of its services and solutions, as well as the operationalization of all associated electronic transactions.


The European E-invoicing Service Providers Association reports a significant growth of 23% and over 1.9 billion processed e-invoices in 2017

The headline results: 1 984 million electronic invoices were processed and delivered in 2017 by members of the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA). This represented a significant growth of 22.9 per cent over 2016 volumes of 1 615 million.


“O objetivo da Saphety é ser um player importante na América Latina”

Rui Fontoura lidera a Saphety há sete anos, um percurso que lhe permite analisar o mercado atual e traçar cenários para o futuro.


Saphety aposta na América Latina

Integrante do grupo Sonae, a Saphety conta com 15 anos de mercado e é pioneira na área das compras eletrónicas. Rui Fontoura, CEO há seis anos, falou com a PME Magazine sobre a internacionalização da empresa.


Três anos de Saphety Colômbia

Assim como no Brasil, operação que comemorou também este ano o seu terceiro aniversário, a Saphety continua a dar cartas no mercado colombiano.


Several key moments in 16 years of history

In 2000, Saphety was totally different from what it is today.


Prioritization process at Saphety

This story has something connected to the well-known Kano Model (Kano 1984), which helps to categorize the pool of features into three groups.