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Saphety: Powering the Era of E-invoicing and EDI

Saphety, with an experience of almost two decades now, is a leading provider of electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic invoicing, and data synchronization solutions. With a mission to empower customers to continuously enhance their business processes, the company’s solutions maximise efficiency, innovation, and sustainability while reducing costs. Serving over 5000 clients worldwide, Saphety enables corporate customers to split invoices according to their cost centres and analyse all invoice dimensions using a BI solution. Most often, companies have to coexist with paper, PDF and electronic invoices for processing payments. 

“We have developed a set of mechanisms that allows companies to automate invoice processing regardless of the original format,” says Rui Fontoura, CEO of Saphety.

Saphety offers a robust digital invoice solution set comprising electronic invoicing network and EDI, electronic bill presentment, and electronic invoice financing. The EDI and electronic invoicing network allow companies to send and receive documents like purchase orders, forms and invoices to and from clients and suppliers, in a dematerialised way, complying with all legal and business requirements. On the other hand, SaphetyBill, the company’s electronic bill presentment is a solution for large invoice issuers, which allows their corporate clients to analyse and adapt their invoice data accordingly with their own business structures (cost centre, employees or departments). Applied to the telecom sector, this tool generates differentiation dynamics, introducing a set of value-added services to foster retention and loyalty among their corporate clients. In addition, SaphetyBill fortifies clients with a document archive and online presentment solution, where operators can deliver billing documents to all its customers. Documents can be delivered in multiple presentation models and formats. Clients can also benefit from statements generated on SaphetyBill that are based on invoice data partition/split. These documents can be delivered via email or via SaphetyBill portal. Finally, the complex billing data is merged and matched with each client’s business structures is transformed invaluable business information, to support analyses and decision making. The cloud-ready solution offers highly comprehensible dashboards and reports, leveraging analytics approach giving clients the required resources to monitor and control their business.

Saphety’s electronic invoice financing solution, Flexcash enables online payment management between buyers and suppliers of products based on financial documents such as invoices, credit notes and debit notes transmitted, integrated and validated between the parties. Through an online process, Flexcash allows suppliers to anticipate the payment of invoices previously approved by the debtors, in partnership with financing institutions. Saphety’s solutions easily integrate with client’s ERP systems to accommodate their requirements and minimise the impact on existing systems.

A testimony to Saphety’s solutions is a large Brazilian telco. Saphety helped the telco to provide flexibility to customers accessing their billing information and enhancing the digital journey for B2B customers.  With Saphety, the client was able to realise savings of over 1.8 mn Euros per year in printing and postage costs only while servicing more than 1 mn B2B customers.

Recently, Saphety has been certified in the Colombian market as an authorised provider of e-Invoice. "Soon, around 1 mn companies in Colombia will have to adopt e-Invoice, and we believe we are very well positioned to get an important market share,” says Fontoura. With such achievements, Saphety is ever more focused on growing in the global market by investing in its three core areas—EDI and electronic invoicing, electronic invoice financing and electronic bill presentment and analytics. The company plans to expand its EDI solution to Latin America while the electronic bill presentment solution will be penetrating the U.S., Canada, and the Middle East.


Article published at CFO Tech Outlook, on 07/2019.


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