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Oi will save US$ 920,000 with the implementation of e-billing in the corporate segment

The Brazilian operator will also target medium-sized companies. The use of e-billing will allow you to accumulate a saving of USD 920,000 during the first year of use of the solution.

The e-billing platform under the Software as a Service (Saas) modality was provided by the Saphety company of the Sonae Group, of which WeDo Technologies is also a member.

Rui Fontora, CEO of Saphety, explained that it is usual for operators to allow their customers to download invoices in PDF format from a portal. However, that is not enough for the corporate segment, which demands other options (display billing status, export files to be assigned to different cost centers, among other features).

During WUG Americas 2017, held last week in Miami, Alexandre Manela, manager of Oi's Revenue Cycle, explained that convergence demands evolution in billing systems. In the case of Oi one of the challenges is the diversity of billing systems by geographic region and by service. Moreover, each segment has access to their invoices through the web by different applications: Oi Digital Portal for the BtoC segment, Oi Digital App for Small Business and the new Oi Saphety B2B Digital Portal for the corporate segment and medium-sized enterprises . With the implementation of the latter, the company wanted corporate customers to have a tool more in line with their needs through the web and at the same time that Oi could increase the capacity of processing and distribution of invoices, reduce printing costs and mail and minimize late payments.

Software Saphety was implemented in three months and released in March 2017. Until late August observed an accelerated adoption rate, and 50% of corporate customers of Oi used the platform of e-billing: this meant a cumulative savings US $ 337,000. Fernanda Queiroz, director of Corporate Customer Services, explained that by 2018, the goal is for 75% of its customers to use this platform: clarified that they do not aspire to 100% because certain organizations (for example, government) paper billing. On the other hand, 77% of customers who opted for electronic billing showed high levels of satisfaction with the service.

In the future they hope to incorporate customized reports, new layouts and the possibility of associating different users. In principle they do not plan to charge the customer for the customization of the platform, as they position it as a customer service.

Currently the Saphety solution that supports the corporate e-billing portal processes 16 million documents per month, supports 28,500 accesses and 45,000 billing files, totaling 1TB.


Artigo original publicado na Convergencia Latina, a 27/10/2017.

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