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Colombia has been part of Saphety’s internationalization strategy for a long time, and in 2013 we decided to open our office here. Our main business focus, for this market, has been electronic data interchange (EDI) for large retailers, especially while we expect the government’s electronic invoice obligation. We also chose Colombia because electronic invoices are currently the most developed in Latin America. In Colombia, we worked with DIAN on a pilot project with 59 other companies of various sectors in 2015 and were subsequently authorized to work as an electronic invoicing service provider here. We are prepared for a boom in electronic invoicing in the next two years. Large companies will be the first to be included in the government’s electronic invoice obligation, and steadily from there, we will reach out to smaller companies as the requirements progress. Electronic invoicing significantly increases transparency and reduces costs, and is a major step toward the digital transformation of the Colombian economy. Our focus is the private sector: large companies with a large number of transactions, which means a great deal of invoices and information to organize. We have reached out to large companies, such as retailers and retailers’ providers, and part of our strategy has been to work in close partnership with local and external ERPs, implementers, and consultants.


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Subject: EDI & Electronic Invoicing, Colombia, Facturación Electrónica, SaphetyDoc, 2018