Saphety is a member of EESPA’s executive committee

By integrating the executive committee, Saphety is disseminating the role of EESPA - European EInvoicing Service Providers Association – in the markets where it operates, all over the world.


Saphety – a company from the Sonae Group that specializes in electronic document exchange, electronic invoicing and data synchronization among companies – was elected a Member of EESPA (European E-invoicing Service Providers Association) Executive Committee.

This international charity, formed in 2011, acts as a corporate group, at the European level, for a large community of electronic invoice service providers which provide network, corporate, financial and technological outsourcing, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services. It focuses on public policies and their observance and in creating an interoperable ecosystem, and advocates for the adoption of electronic invoicing in favour of economic efficiency and global growth.

This year, Saphety was elected a member of the EESPA’s executive committee. Saphety integrates this association since 2011. Its 17 years of experience in the electronic invoicing area, its constant, active participation in EESPA meetings, where the guidelines governing the association’s actuation on Electronic Invoices in the European context are set, and its strong presence in international markets, namely, Latin America, were the reasons why it was elected by a vast majority with 43 in 46 possible votes.

Saphety’s goal for the next two years in office is to aid EESPA in reinforcing its guidelines, such as the interoperability between market operators and public policies (European and national) regarding electronic invoicing, and also to give visibility to EESPA in markets where it operates.

“We are proud to have earned the trust of European electronic invoice operators, and to get to represent them before the several institutions as a member of EESPA’s executive committee. I am sure Saphety’s experience is an asset in advocating for EESPA’s interests in the next two years”, claims Miguel Zegre, Saphety’s EDI & Electronic Invoicing Business Unit Director.

The company’s vast international experience was a crucial factor for its election. EESPA aims at being an active player in observing what takes place at the electronic invoicing level worldwide and the global presence of Saphety, especially in Latin America, was determinant, as well as its several transversal projects like the recently announced CEF Telecom. More information about EESPA and the executive committee members can be found at

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