Saphety launches SaphetySync's worldwide update

Technology multinational of Portuguese origin has updated its data synchronization solution throughout the entire retail chain, benefiting over 10,000 companies in eight countries

Saphety has just launched a worldwide update of its SaphetySync platform, which enables the management and synchronization of data and multimedia content between business partners. The platform will benefit 10.000 companies in eight countries, facilitating the sharing of information in retail operations, namely bar code, product features, images, among many other contents.

The multinational company of Portuguese origin is the leader in electronic document exchange, public procurement, electronic invoicing and data synchronization solutions and has over 5.000 client companies in 40 countries on three continents.

In the field of synchronization and alignment of product data, Saphety is one of the main solution providers at a global level, offering a software that supports the activity of a wide range of associated companies that meet GS1 standards. This important presence in the digital synchronization of product and service data solutions relies on its SaphetySync platform, which is crucial today for large-scale retail operations. Saphety's catalog management and data synchronization solution offers its customers the fastest and most flexible tool on the market, compliant with GS1 standards.

The GS1 standards enable product, shipping, asset, location and service information to be integrated into the organizations' central information systems, speeding up all the negotiation processes, including e-commerce and traceability.

SaphetySync consists of two main applications, SyncCode and SyncMedia, which together meet the customer needs. SyncCode is the master data alignment solution that offers product data synchronization services and tools, which is complemented by SyncMedia, the image publishing, storage and distribution solution associated to product information. Both applications meet the GS1 standards and are an integral part of SaphetySync.

The new SyncCode update is presented in version, in full compliance with GDSN 3.1.9., and has a wide range of new features for the user, as improvements to the client application validation process, making the entire data entry process easier and more user-friendly. It also provides the ability to filter through menu options on the page with detailed articles information, support for even more attributes that characterize the articles and implementation of more validation rules, for its quality control.

The new update has just been implemented in more than 10.000 companies worldwide, and in Portugal, through GS1 Portugal, over 1.000 companies are already benefiting from this update.

For Fernando Pereira, director of Saphety's Data Synchronization business unit, “the launch of SaphetySync's new version proves our commitment and capability regarding the technological innovations in the industry, as well as our commitment to provide our customers with the best service. The solution's new version enhances today's fastest and most flexible tool on the market in line with GS1 standards, something that 10.000 companies in eight countries confirm on a daily basis”.


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Founded in 2000, Saphety is a multinational company of Portuguese origin leader in electronic document exchange, electronic invoicing, public procurement and data synchronization solutions. With presence in Portugal, Brazil and Colombia, its solutions currently reach 40 countries and its client portfolio has more than 5.000 companies, including among others, some of the largest telecommunications operators, retail, transportation, logistics, energy, banking, services, health and public sector. More information at

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