Saphety launches SaphetySync’s world update

The technological company from Sonae Group upgrades its Data Synchronization solution in accordance with GDSN 3.1.3 to more than 6 thousand companies in 3 continents.

Saphety, a company specialized in document electronic exchange and data synchronization between companies, has just updated SaphetySync, its own management and synchronization platform for product data and media assets, allowing the alignment of information between trading partners.

Saphety is one of the world's leading providers of product data alignment solutions, providing software that supports the activity of a wide variety of associated companies which meet GS1 standards. With a significant market presence in terms of digital data synchronization products and services solutions, SaphetySync is the basis of large-scale retail operations. Saphety's data synchronization and catalog management solution offers its customers the fastest and most flexible tool on the market, in compliance with GS1 standards.

Composed of two main applications, SaphetySync integrates SyncCode and SyncMedia. SyncCode is the total master data alignment solution that provides services and tools for data synchronization of articles, and SyncMedia the solution for publishing, storing and distributing images with guaranteed quality, associated with the information of articles, thus working together with SyncCode. Both applications comply with GS1 standards and are an integral part of SaphetySync.

The present launched version introduces a wide range of new features addressing the user, in order to improve the product characterization, as well as a set of validation rules that reinforce the quality of the information. This new version enables the follow up of GDSN network evolution and allows clients to participate in the information synchronization between companies and different platforms.

The update to SyncCode is presented in version, in total compliance with GDSN 3.1.3., and is translated into 160 new attributes, 85 updated attributes, 239 new codes and code lists, 201 new validation rules, 28 updates to existing rules and also a new version of GPC classification. The update to SyncMedia, now in version, has as main highlights the full integration and synchronization with the updated SyncCode and the architectural refactoring, which allows performance improvements and scalability to better respond to the challenges of the omnichannel.

From November 4th on, there will be more than 6,000 companies across three continents receiving the new Saphety Data Synchronization update, automatically being able to use the new features. In Portugal, through GS1 Portugal, there will be more than a thousand users benefiting from this update.

According to Rui Fontoura, Saphety’s CEO, "the launch of the new version of SaphetySync demonstrates our commitment and responsiveness to the latest technology innovations in the industry. We have a strategy to strengthen our international position and we aim to be a world leader in the development of solutions aligned with GS1 standards. "

Currently, there is no such complete solution on the market, with these characteristics. Saphety is constantly challenged by global GS1 and its partners to go further in terms of technological innovation to support the value chain and the daily activity of key players in this network of global standards”, he adds.

One of Saphety's focuses is to provide complete solutions with GDSN compliance for the management and synchronization of product master data, media assets and B2C data. GDSN is a standardized global tool based on GS1 standards, which enables secure and continuous synchronization of data across a network of certified data pools, enabling all suppliers and customers to have consistent product data in their systems, at the same time an in a synchronized way, regardless of their location and the platform used.



About SaphetySync
Data Synchronization (digital asset management and master data synchronization) is a solution that provides multiple actors in the supply chain with a dynamic and flexible electronic catalog for media and product master data. As a GS1 Certified Solution, it complies with all GS1 standards running through a common certified data network, the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Saphety’s solution is already used globally by a number of leading customers such as GS1 Portugal, GS1 Sweden (Validoo), GS1 Finland, GS1 Greece, GS1 Mexico, GS1 Colombia (Logyca), Brandbank and Serunai (Global Halal Data Pool).

About Saphety
Saphety ( is a leading company in solutions for electronic documents exchange, electronic invoicing and data synchronization amongst companies. Currently, its client portfolio has over 3800 compa-nies and over 140 thousand users throughout more than 37 countries.

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