Saphety participates in DAM Europe 2018

The biggest European event dedicated to Digital Asset Management takes place in London at the end of the month and Saphety will be attending.

Saphety, a technology company specialized in electronic documents exchange and data synchronization between companies, will attend the DAM Europe 2018, in London, which will take place on the 28th and 29th of June. This event will promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences regarding the new developments in the world of Digital Asset Management (DAM), always from a user's perspective.

The event gathers representatives of many industries: from manufacturing to distribution, film and broadcasting, media and financial sector, B2B and B2C, with both commercial and non-profit characteristics, without forgetting some of the best-known brands in the world, libraries, museums and universities. The correct digital asset management allows companies to reduce costs, as well as increase their productivity and profits, improving the management efficiency of their brands.

The relevance of Saphety's attendance in this annual meeting is explained by the fact that Saphety is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of product data alignment and synchronization solutions, providing technology that supports the activity of a wide variety of companies compliant with GS1 (Global Standards One) regulations. With a significant presence on the global market, in terms of product data solutions and digital synchronization services, SaphetySync, Saphety's Data Synchronization platform, is the base for large-scale retail operations.

To Fernando Pereira, Saphety's Data Synchronization business unit director, “the importance of having and sharing accurate and relevant product information was never so high than now in the era of the digital transformation. The need for operational optimization and cost reduction, pushing the need for B2B product information, has been striving for decades in the supply chain, but the current demands are shifting focus towards B2C product information in order to enable an improved customer experience through commerce and service channels with the aim of increasing revenues. Product images in particular and digital assets in general have a major role within this B2C product information, as they are the most visible face of the products. DAM Europe is the place to be in order to follow the market demands and new trends on Digital Assets Management”.


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