Saphety’s Eletronic Bill Presentment boosts the subscriptions of corporate customers to Oi’s digital account service

In 12 months, the operator registered a 70% growth in the use of the format.

In a press release, Oi announced that 74% of corporate customers’ pages have joined the e-billing system, where the invoice is delivered digitally to the customer. The index represents a 70% growth in the use of this format. The exchange of the paper invoice by an electronic model is one of the measures taken by the operator to reduce costs throughout the ongoing judicial recovery, and also aims at improving customer experience. Corporate e-billing was adopted in 2017 after positive experiences in retail, and since then 39,000 companies have adopted the digital invoice.

According to the Oi’s Revenue Cycle manager, Alexandre Manela, in the current telecommunication scenario, the adoption of Saphety's Electronic Bill Presentment (EBP), was a fundamental step in the presentation of a set of new value-added services in the issuance and presentation of invoices to the segment, without the need to change the billing process that already existed in the operator. "The solution also significantly boosted cost reductions and contributed to Oi's sustainability policy," said the executive.

Saphety's EBP enables operators to manage customer enrolment, based on simple registration or invitation mechanisms, according to their own pre-defined strategy. It uses a single channel to display complementary documents and information, in various formats, regardless of telcos' corporate customer segment, supported by a centralized solution. Telcos' users have a holistic view of all documents issued to customers that use the solution, source billing systems or product line. The complex billing and customer data are transformed into reports with valuable business information that can be used to support analysis and decision-making. The high-comprehension panels, by leveraging the analytics approach, provide telcos with the capabilities to monitor and control the business. 

Saphety's CEO, Rui Fontoura, explains that the EBP solution offers telecom operators a qualified tool for the B2B segment. In addition to presenting billing documents, it provides its customers with the ability to set up internal cost analysis dimensions, such as cost centers, users, regions, and departments. “By combining it with the billing data, the solution enables the generation of information with additional value for the business, which can be presented in the form of extracts, reports and feed business intelligence (BI) and analytics systems", he explains.

The executive also notes that the adoption of this tool not only improves the flow of information between the operator and its B2B customers, but also actively contributes to increase customer loyalty and retention levels. The EBP enhances the cost and time reduction associated with the billing life cycle and can be implemented without the need to change the billing processes currently used in the operators", clarifies Rui Fontoura



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