Saphety strengthens its international presence through a pioneer agreement with the Brazilian company Vércer

The Portuguese technological multinational will support the data management and synchronization services between business partners throughout the Brazilian territory, with its SaphetySync platform.

The Portuguese multinational Saphety was chosen by Vércer, a joint venture created by GS1 Brasil and APAS - Associação Paulista de Supermercados (São Paulo’s Supermarket Association), as the supplier of the product data synchronization technological platform of the entire retail chain, after a long selection process that involved companies from around the world.

Saphety's technological solution used by Vércer will allow the creation of a database with up to 430 features and specific information for each product, as well as a high-resolution image bank that is essential to accelerate the response capacity of the Brazilian retail companies to the market dynamics.

The SaphetySync platform will support product data management and synchronization services and its distribution between the several agents that are part of the supply chain, both in physical commerce as in e-commerce, namely producers, distributors, stockists, traders/retailers and, at the end of the chain, the consumer himself.

GS1 is responsible for the standardization of information on products and goods marketed by the retail sector worldwide, enabling their identification, namely through bar codes.

Today, the GS1 identification standards are used in more than 150 countries and improve the efficiency, security and visibility of the supply chains in physical and digital channels in more than 20 sectors. Altogether, 1.5 million companies use these standards and, through them, carry out a total of 6 billion daily transactions, guaranteeing a unique language between systems and processes worldwide. In Brazil alone, GS1 has more than 58.000 members, and currently the country's supply chain has a centralized registration of 45 million products.

The agreement signed with Vércer lasts for 5 years, in which Saphety will supply the entire portfolio of its SaphetySync technology (MDM, Datapool, DAM) and the evolutionary developments of its roadmap, as well as the technological and operational support and infrastructure necessary to store Saphety's solution in a SaaS model.

According to studies carried out by the Research and Development area of the Brazilian Automation Association - GS1 Brasil, 94% of the country's industries have already faced some type of problem caused by errors in product registration, which has a high economic impact. In order to mitigate these effects, GS1 Brasil and APAS - Associação Paulista de Supermercados (São Paulo’s Supermarket Association) created Vércer, a joint venture that offers product data qualification services from a centralized registration base.

This new company, which will now have its operation based on Saphety’s technology, will respond to the lack of accurate data on the market, optimizing processes in the supply chain. This will ensure greater visibility, agility and better accuracy when registering products.

The SaphetySync platform will enable the several players of the supply chain, the ones that form the Brazilian market, to have access to valid, up-to-date and audited information, reducing the impact on their business or operational strategies - such as stockouts, decrease on sales, reputational impact with information made available with errors or impact on the consumer.

Rui Fontoura, Saphety’s CEO, states: “We are very proud of this agreement, which will give Vércer the best worldwide technological solution to carry out its mission. The Brazilian market obtains a unique service with the seal and quality guarantee made available by an independent entity like Vércer, whose mission is to introduce the best practices in the value chain, supported by Saphety’s technology, a global reference in this area”.

Farias Sousa, Vercer’s CEO, states: “We understand that currently the retail companies are unable to have a product with complete, accurate and, mainly, updated data in the supply chain processes. Our job is to capture data from physical products and launch them in a registration based on a cloud platform. Vércer will help the market to have certified information and ensure that all retail channels, physical commerce or e-commerce, can use all the information or attributes of the products”.

SaphetySync, the data management and synchronization solution

In the area of product data synchronization and alignment, Saphety is one of the global leading solution providers, providing a software offer that supports the activity of a wide variety of associated companies that comply with the GS1 standards. This important presence in the product data solutions market and digital synchronization services relies on its SaphetySync platform, which is now crucial for large-scale retail operations. Saphety's catalog management and data synchronization solution offers its customers the fastest and most flexible tool on the market, in compliance with the GS1 standards.

The GS1 standards allow the information about the products, shipping units, assets, locations and services to be integrated into the organizations' central information systems, streamlining all business processes, including electronic commerce and traceability.

SaphetySync consists of two main applications, the SyncCode and the SyncMedia, which together respond to the customer’s needs. The SyncCode is the master data alignment solution that offers services and tools for product data synchronization, which is complemented with SyncMedia, the image publishing, storage and distribution solution associated with product information. Both applications comply with the GS1 standards and are an integral part of SaphetySync.


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