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Autonomy and Speed with the Sandbox.

Set up and test documents quickly, easily and with total autonomy using the Saphety Invoice Network API testing sandbox.

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Public API access

Implementation of an integrated electronic invoicing solution with Saphety network, with total flexibility and openness of services supported by our API.

Testing autonomy

Rapid implementation with access to the largest network of customers in the public and private sector, ensuring compliance with current legislation.

Speed of Implementation

Configure and test quickly, easily and with total autonomy, the sending of documents through the Saphety Invoice Network API.

How does it work

Start using our API

Get registered

Create your account with your data for registration on the Saphety Invoice Network API access portal.

Go to the Sandbox

Access the API testing and documentation area and get to know all the integration requirements.

Test the API

Test the sending of documents via API according to the available documentation.

Send invoices

The customer is ready to send documents automatically from his invoice system, by subscribing to one of the available plans.

Public API access

Available for consultation and implementation of API services

  • Sending electronic invoices to customers who already have an integrated electronic invoice receiving process.
  • Sending PDF invoices by email, with a qualified signature, to customers who do not yet have an integrated electronic invoice receiving process.
  • Effective strategy of transition to digital, with 100% dematerialization of invoicing.
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Testing autonomy

Simulate scenarios in a production environment through the Sandbox

  • Ease of registration, free of charge and autonomy in the tests.
  • Development speed provided by the API services architecture.
  • Access to a robust solution, with total autonomy in the integration with your invoice system, accelerating the digital transition and compliance with the legislation.

Speed of Implementation

Automate the sending of documents on any system

  • Access to an extensive network of customers, in the public and private sectors, already prepared to receive your electronic invoice in an integrated manner.
  • Ensure not only the integration for sending invoices but also the updating of the status of your documents in real time.
  • Count on more than 20 years of commitment and experience that Saphety has in electronic invoicing solutions.