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Flexcash, our invoice financing platform, is an easy and flexible online payment management solution that allows companies to collect or pay their invoices in advance, when compared to the previoulsy established payment due dates.

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What is Flexcash?

Payment management solution (Confirming)

Debtors (buyers)

Main advantages for debtors

Creditors (suppliers)

Main advantages for creditors

How does it work?

Opportunities for better liquidity

Payment management solution (Confirming)

What is Flexcash?

  • Innovative online payment solution that manages payments between buyer companies (debtors) and their suppliers (creditors), based on invoices/financial documents issued by suppliers.
  • Through an online process, Flexcash allows suppliers to request the advanced payment of invoices previously approved by the buyer. The payments are executed through confirming processes, in partnership with Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD).

Advantages for debtors

Flexcash for debtors

  • Improvement of payment deadlines for suppliers
  • Automated supplier payments and automated bank interactions
  • Cost reduction and administrative workload reduction
  • Improvement of the relationship with suppliers and access to innovative services

Advantages for creditors

Flexcash for creditors

  • Electronic invoice validation process for effective billing
  • Funding in 24 business hours in a simple and guaranteed way
  • Better funding conditions and cash flow management

How does Flexcash work?

24x7 online platform

  • Documents issued by creditors are integrated and available on the platform
  • Debtors confirm document approval status and the expected payment date for each document on the platform
  • Creditors can preview elegible documents on the platform and select them for payment requests
  • Payment requests are submitted for the financial entity approval (Caixa Leasing and Factoring - CLF) responsible for the payments management
  • Approved documents are payed with each transaction detail being available on the platform

Flexcash and Electronic Invoicing

  • For Debtors

    For debtors (buyers), Flexcash can play an important role within the received invoices (accounts payable) management by offering features and automated processes that help strengthen and optimize the relationship with suppliers, based on financial services (Confirming) previously subscribed with Caixa Leasing and Factoring (CLF).

  • For Creditors

    From the creditors (supplier companies) perspective, on the other hand, Flexcash can play an important role within the accounts receivable management, allowing the payment of invoices in advance, before reaching their due dates.

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