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We use cookies in our website in order to improve its performance and your experience as a user.
This page explains how we do it.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website – whenever it is accessed by the user – creates in your computer or in your mobile device through the internet browser. The creation of cookies then helps the website to recognize the device the next time the user accesses it. We use the term cookie in this policy to designate all the files collecting information in this manner.

The used cookies do not gather information that may identify the user. The cookies only collect general information, namely the way through which the users find the website and how they use the websites, or the area of the country/countries from which they access the site, etc. Cookies only retain the information related with preferences.

At any moment the user may, through its internet browser, decide to be notified about the reception of cookies, and may as well block their access to his system.


How to manage cookies in the different browsers?

To deactivate cookies in your browser simply follow these instructions. Please notice that due to the high number of browsers, and their respective versions, these instructions are not exhaustive. You may also see the specific help pages of your browser or a generic webpage on this subject.

All about cookies:

Manage Cookies in Firefox

Manage Cookies in Chrome

Internet explorer:
Manage Cookies in Internet Explorer


What are cookies for?

Cookies are used to help determining the utility, interest and the number of accesses to the website, thus allowing a quicker and more efficient navigation, and eliminating the need to repeatedly introduce the same information.


What kind of cookies do we use?

Saphety uses cookies to remind its users of their preferences of language, to collect statistics that allow Saphety to improve its pages, making them easier to use, and thus offering contents duly customized to your interests.

Saphety uses the following cookies:

  1. Cookies for service analysis: These cookies recognize and count the number of visitors, and understand how users move throughout the website when using it. This information may be used to help Saphety improve its web pages, making them easier to use. These cookies do not gather information that may indentify the User, since the collected information is aggregated using impersonal indicators, which are thus anonymous.
  2. Functionality cookies: These cookies are used to recognize the user when he returns to our website. These allow us to show the user his preferences (for instance, the choice of language to display our website).
  3. Segmentation cookies: These cookies register the visit of the user to our website, as well as the visited pages and followed links. Saphety resorts to partners for analysis, including Google Analytics, in order to collect statistics and anonymous analytics about the way in which the users use the website. For example, this partner collects and aggregates data on webpage views and hits in our website, on search engines and passwords used to find our products, the accessed links from our website, the information on errors and bugs in our services, and similar information. This data for analysis is neither used to monitor the visit of the user in Website nor to indentify him.

By proceeding to our website you agree to our use of cookies.