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FAQ concerning the SaphetyDoc solution, for Sending and Receiving Invoices and other business messages (Portal, EDI & System Integration)

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  • What data do I need to register?

    To register the company you need the VAT number of the company, the code of the company registration and a copy of the national identity card of one of the managers or legal representatives of the company. Registration is done through an e-mail account that will later be used to log into the application.

  • Can any company employee register?

    Yes, as long as you have the necessary documentation and data to do so.

  • Is there a limited number of users per company?

    Currently, the solution allows having a user by each Company. A new version will soon be available with the possibility to add users unlimitedly.

  • How much time does it take to register my company?

    After filling in all the requested data, our team will validate all the information and, within a maximum period of 8 working hours, the registration process will be complete.


  • Which are the available plans?

    There are three plans available, which vary depending on the number of documents included, from 5 to 500 messages. You can find out more about the plans and their conditions here.

  • The plan I choose is valid for how many days?

    Your plan will be valid for 30 consecutive days.

  • Which payment methods are available?

    The available payment method is the credit or debit card.

Sending Documents

  • Can I import my data from other software?

    Invoices might be imported from other softwares. This is possible using an XML file, in the CIUS-PT format. Check that your billing system produces this file. In case your system does not produce this file, the alternative is to manually fill in the invoice data. Note that the invoice PDF is always required in either case.

  • How to send invoices manually?

    To send your invoice in the mandatory structure just login, upload your invoice PDF (extracted from your billing system), fill in the mandatory fields on the form and send it.

  • How can customers receive my documents?

    Your client will receive the documents by integration or by email, depending on the option selected by him. If your customer is part of the Saphety network, you can receive the document directly on your billing system.

  • Is there a recommended browser for this solution?

    We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for a better browsing experience.


  • Who are the receiving entities on the Saphety Invoice Network?

    The receiving entities belong to the Portuguese public and private sector and you can preview the detailed list here.

  • Can I send invoices to all of my customers?

    Yes, you can send invoices to all your customers, provided that, for non-integrated customers, you have their destination email validated and accepted by the customer.

  • What customer data do I need to send my invoices?

    Mandatory data includes VAT number, Address and Email. For more details, you can preview the document submission form, under New Invoice.

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